Supermarkets & Convenience Stores

Supermarkets and convenience stores provide us with the essentials of life. They support families and communities in every locale around the world as a vital part of our homes, neighborhoods, and lives – every day. Because of this, they are also vulnerable to subtle dangers. Huiyi Tech is dedicated to developing the most advanced video surveillance technology in affordable, convenient, and vitally effective packages for today’s security needs. More than just security, the Smart Solution 2.0 packs the most advanced technologies into complete end-to-end solutions for shopping areas of any kind. Video surveillance, business intelligence, parking area data, and more all come together in flexible and powerful components from the world’s number one security solution provider.

Application Scenarios


The entrance and lobby areas are the most frequented locations, requiring highly detailed facial imaging even in high contrast lighting.

  • super WDR cameras:

    Night vision cameras feature industry leading 140dB wide dynamic range and triple exposure technology,providing crystal clear image quality even in high contrast sunlit environments.

  • Smart Detection:

    Intelligent alarm system can easily to detector the different case and always surveillance the whole enviroment.IP cameras have the full set of smart featrues, such as intrusion detection, object left/removal detection, and more, for powerfull security management.

Monitoring Shopping Area

In spacious areas less camera counts means less installation and labor fees.

  • Indoor PTZ camera:

    With a high ratio optical zoom lens, the indoor PTZ cameras offers more details over expansive areas.

  • High ratio Optical Zoom Lens:

    With hight ratio optical zoom lens, the camera offer wide range of high definition monitoring, such as shopping areas, transit stations,large venues,and more...

Monitoring Convenience stores

Convenience stores often have no dedicated loss prevention staff, and shelving can leave blind spots for the cashier to monitor. The HDMI Dome Network Camera watches over those blind spots and directly transmits video to a TV, deterring potential shoplifters.

Monitoring In Store Warehouses

Warehouses and storage areas are often sought out by thieves, and even by employees on occasion. At least one security camera is advisable to watch over inventory.

Monitoring Outdoor Parking Areas

Parking area lighting can be a tremendous challenge. That’s why Huiyi Tech’s DarkFighter Camera captures sharp color images, even at starlight levels. Multi-imaging Cameras are equipped with four or eight fixed imagers to provide a 180-degree or 360-degree panoramic horizontal view. One HD PTZ camera can provide highly detailed images even in dimly lit environments. A reliable outdoor IR bullet, with IP67 water-proof protection and high performance IR Arrays LEDs, can capture any crime activities in nighttime.

Parking Vehicle Access Management

  • Vehicle Access System conbines high quality ANPR camera and back-end devices to create barrier linkage, B/W list filtering and alarm triggering.

Management Center

Compiling all the critical video from daily operations, the cental office management center is the core of a total CCTV system. It provides the utmost reliability an dmanagebility for data protection and alarm response. It also provides a means for improvements in business operations.

  • EVideo Management Plateform:

    CCTV system to manage, view live, play back, and controll all the daily oerations on all connected devices.

  • Monitor Display System:

    Everything from standalone monitors to expansive TV walls.

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