Huiyi Tech’s Smart Parking Security Solution makes security easy. With Smart functions,our surveillance cameras, recorders, and access controllers work for you, making your job easy. With a powerful central management platform, cameras that capture sharp color images in extremely low-light environments, automated vehicle number plate recognition, and much more, Huiyi Tech provides everything your parking area needs to ensure efficient, intelligent management – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Parking System Detail

Application Scenarios

Parking Area Monitoring

Large parking lots require vigilant management to ensure the flow of traffic and HD footage and to resolve disputes when accidents happen.

Huiyi Tech's solution prvides smart features to keeo your parking areas operating efficiently and you vision pleased.

  • Multi-Imaging Cameras:

    Huiyi Tech multi-imaging camera series are equipped with four or eight fixed imagers to provides a 180 degree or 360 degree panoramic horizontal view. One HD PTZ camera can provide highly detailed images even in dimly lit enviroments.

  • Dark Fighter Cameras:

    Parking area lighting can be a tremendous challenge. but our Dark fighter camera captures sharp color images. even in low,starlight levels.

Vehicle Access Control

For large parking lots, high customer flow may create parking entrance congestion. Effictive parking safety and management are critical concerns, especially in retail sectors.

  • ANPR Camera:

    With automatic number-plate recognition, cameras can recognize VIP vehicle and automatically verify entry.LED Display Panet Intelgration: By intergrating an LED display panel at the entrance, all available parking resources.

Perimeter Monitoring

PTZ camera provide up to 1920*1080p full HD resolution, 23x Optical Zoom, and smart tracking technologies to best protect perimeter security.

  • 2MP 23x PTZ camera:

    Deliver full HD picture with integrated smart auto tracking and detection function to detect and identify abnormal event happening across peimeters.

Management Center

Compiling all the critical video from daily operations, the cental office management center is the core of a total CCTV system. It provides the utmost reliability an dmanagebility for data protection and alarm response. It also provides a means for improvements in business operations.

  • Video Management Plateform:

    CCTV system to manage, view live, play back, and controll all the daily oerations on all connected devices.

  • Monitor Display System:

    Everything from standalone monitors to expansive TV walls.

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