Mobile & Transportation

Safe public transportation is a worldwide concern, especially responding quickly to traffic accidents and guarding against potential terrorist attacks on transportation facilities. In addition, increased passenger loads and more complex transporation hubs call for a central management system to safeguard against unlawful activities such as pickpocketing, disorderly behavior, and so on.

Application Scenarios

TVL Monitoring

The easiest way to get high-resolution video without installing new cables. Use TVI products and keep the existing cabling. On-screen display and other features are also available.

Network Monitoring

This HD system provides various cameras for vehicle interior and exterior along with 4- or 8-channel network recorders. Give passengers a sense of safety as they travel with this powerful system. On-screen display and other features are also available.

Analog Monitoring

Affordable products for economical onboard applications. Capture footage just about anywhere, anytime, with this reliable analog system

Management Center

Compiling all the critical video from daily operations, the cental office management center is the core of a total CCTV system. It provides the utmost reliability an dmanagebility for data protection and alarm response. It also provides a means for improvements in business operations.

  • EVideo Management Plateform:

    CCTV system to manage, view live, play back, and controll all the daily oerations on all connected devices.

  • Monitor Display System:

    Everything from standalone monitors to expansive TV walls.

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