HuiYi Tech Smart Solution for Hotels is a complete IP surveillance system for hotel security. The solution provides around-the-clock protection with industry-leading low-light technology, automated vehicle access control with HuiYi Tech’s automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) module, and automatic event alerts with HuiYi Tech’s Smart detection. The Smart Solution includes integrated IP products such as IP cameras, NVRs, and video management software — helping to create a reliable, flexible security platform for hotels.

Hotel Security System Detail

Application Scenarios

Vehicle Access Management

How can we efficiently control vehicle access and be aware of our special guests' vehicle?

HuiYi Tech's bullet cameras, which are weatherproof and feature ultra-low-light capability, excellent light compensation, ANPR capability, vehicle color identification, and alarm functions, among other features, use vehicle barrier linkage to easily control vehicle access.

  • ATMResult Export

  • License Plate Auto Comparison

  • B/W List Filtering

  • ANR(Automatic Network Replenishment)

  • Alarm Triggering

  • ANPR Remote Configuration

  • Result Query

Perimeter Protection

How can we keep our perimeter secure and remain prepared for unexpected events?

  • Utilize Huiyi Tech HD products that provide up to 4K high resolution, 200-meter infrared (IR) range, and are resistant to extreme weather conditions and vandalism. Huiyi Tech's HD offerings also include full HD 1080p video with an outstanding frame rate of 60 fps, as well as Smart detection technology, inluding: line crossing detection, intrusion detection, region enter/leaving, etc. These tools can help keep your perimeter secure.

Lobby Monitoring

How can we clearly see what happens inside the building as well as outside?

  • Huiyi Tech indoor IR dome camera features an industry-leading 140dB wide dynamic range, triple exposure technology,and up to 30 meters of IR to provide a crystal-clear view.

Parking Surveillance

How can we cover large areas such as parking lots and automaticlly detect intruders?

  • Huiyi Tech's outdoor IR PTZ camera can efficiently solve this problem with optical zoom.Smart detection features, and 200 meters IR range -- not to mention industry leading low light technology.

How can we get a crystal-clear images in dimly lit environments?

  • HuiyiTech's high performance, vandal-proof DarkFighter camera can deliver a vivid, noise-free images in enviroments with dim lighting.


How can we smartly protect the entrance safety?

  • Smart Security Alarm:

    Window/Door sensor, PIR Sensor, Siren Alarm, gateway are all be surveillanced. the systems will post messages/phone/alarm/video to your phone at first time anytime and anywhere.

  • Smart Lock

    Fingerprint/password/RFID card/key/Remote APP support for the door open and close,easy to manage your entrance, assure the environment satety.

  • Enviroment Detection

    Dangerous things can be detectoted in time by kinds of sensors, smoke detecor sensor, gas detectot sensor, water leakage detector sensor,etc.

Security Center

How can we find a reliable, fully compatible and flexible video platform to manage security system?

  • Explore an easy to use, reliable, and feature rich video or detector sensors management plateform such as Huiyi Tech's system control cneter, which is available with an embedded NVR,DVR, Network system can intelligent to alarm, recording and analytics.

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